The history of online shopping

The convenience of online shopping has been talked about many times by the same people who believe wholeheartedly in the power of technology to revolutionize the way consumers interact with businesses. It was a surely a game-changer when it was introduced, but a lot of buyers today are probably oblivious of the developments that the whole industry had to go through to achieve what it promised to people in the first place. Other than the convenience already mentioned earlier, the product variety seems to be an important motivational factor for consumers.

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In 1994, the purchase of an audio CD album by the band Sting was historically tagged as the first online retail transaction on the Internet. That was only a few years after Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web. But before the subsequent technological innovations of online shopping, Michael Aldrich had already developed a system of participative communication with end-users using videotext technology in the 1980s. The whole idea makes possible efficient electronic transactions in real time. The issue of privacy would, of course, be resolved a more than a decade after.

The physicality of brick-and-mortar businesses was challenged by the emergence of online shopping which, at the onset, offered a cheaper, more convenient, and highly tailored and personalized purchasing experience compared to other retailing channels. In the beginning, there was a lot of queries and concerns about the new method of purchasing products. The whole process seemed implausible, and there were a lot of concepts that needed clarification and explanation, given that computer technologies and their interaction with the Internet were relatively new around that time.

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Online shopping hacks you need to know today

There is a whole science behind online shopping and getting the designer bag or shoes of your dreams. Follow these hacks from Cosmopolitan to get that fashion item within easy reach today.

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Did you know that Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays are the most popular days when retailers roll out sales and discount codes? In addition, you may also ask for discounts directly, where you can use those little dialogue boxes for chatting with a customer service representative. You may say hello and ask if they have promo codes that they can share with you.

Size filters will be your best friend. They come in handy particularly for when you need an item right away for a special event and you can’t afford to wait for the actual store restocking.

Websites that offer free shipping both ways as well as buy extras are ideal. There you may buy the same piece in different sizes for the right fit, and you may return the unwanted stuff directly to the store so as not to ship back anymore. Just make sure to read the return policies carefully before clicking the Buy Now button.

As for payment, it’s better to use your credit card than your debit card if you religiously pay your bill. It takes a lot less time for refund, for instance. Finally, be careful around the sale hype, as sometimes sites will inflate an item’s starting price to make it look like you’re saving more money than you actually are. Just add to card, Google-search the designer and the product you are eyeing, and find the best deals out there.

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How to ensure that you’re buying original sneakers online

The growing replica market is the bane of the shoe industry, and it is enjoying unprecedented patronage as resale of popular shoe models and colorways continues to skyrocket. What’s more, the fakes are beginning to look so much like the originals.

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There are heaps of online stores and resellers nowadays, offering hyped shoes like the Yeezy Boosts or sought-after collaboration sneakers like the Adidas Bape NMDs. And the first thing to remember when getting tempted is this: if the price is too good to be true, it most likely is.

This is one sure way of spotting replicas. Never be naïve and think that you’ve just stumbled upon a seller who doesn’t know the going rates for the shoes. If you had access to knowledge of the standard selling prices online, then the seller most likely has as well.

Secondly, keep in mind that there are reputable online stores with established reputations and a dedicated set of customers; it’s better to buy from these shops instead of shady individuals. Aside from faster shipping, your money is protected from scammers. Some online retailers even have established reward systems for credit purchases.

Lastly, keep in mind that there are sites and lots of uploaded videos online for your legit-checking needs. Study these real-versus-replica comparisons thoroughly before deciding, as there’s no swag in wearing fakes.

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Safety First: How to Secure Your Personal Information When Buying Online

For many people, online shopping has become the primary means of purchasing goods and services. With countless merchants providing consumers online shopping platforms, the number of shoppers is projected to grow further. A collaborative study by OC&C Strategy Consultants, PayPal, and Google back in 2015 estimated that the online retail industry in major markets U.S., U.K., Germany, and China will be around $840 billion.

Unfortunately, this trend has also caught the fancy of many cybercriminals, who have been continually devising methods to steal from online shoppers and merchants, from hacking databases to phishing personal information.

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Various security measures are being implemented to protect consumers and give them peace of mind. But to secure their personal and financial information, particularly credit card details, online shoppers can take precautionary actions, such as the following:

Buy from trusted brands

While sticking with popular or well-established brands or merchants is as good as any advice for online shoppers, one can still establish trust with and purchase from lesser known merchants by conducting research.

Use credit card

Credit cards remain one of the safest payment options for purchasing through the Internet because of many advantages, including the protection of by the Fair Credit Billing Act. Credit cards do not touch the customer’s own funds, and unauthorized charges can be reversed.

Ensure security of website

There are current online safety protocol used by websites to encrypt data in order to protect customer information. Most of these websites have a URL that is prefixed by “https://” or preceded by a padlock image.

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Be wary of Wi-Fi hotspots

While public Wi-Fi connections provide convenience for smartphone owners, there are security risks involved in connecting to these hotspots. Hackers can find out users’ login details and credit card information when they are input while connected to the attacked network. Thus, when accessing the Internet through public Wi-Fi hotspots, do not log in to emails and bank accounts, and, more importantly, do not purchase anything online.

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The Benefits Of Buying Online

The advancement of technology, particularly the internet’s advent, has significantly altered the way consumers shop nowadays. The conventional method of going into physical stores is being replaced online shopping.

According to a study by, 42 percent of internet users in the U.S. bought some goods or services online at least once a month in 2016. Twenty-four percent, meanwhile, stated that they made online purchases around once or twice a week.

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Furthermore, the online presence of merchants has also influenced offline sales. Consumers research and review products online then proceed to stores to make the purchase. There is even a number of buyers who look at an item in-store, only to buy it online.

The volume of online sales has kept on increasing, and it has been forecasted that the number of sales will nearly double by 2020.

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Various advantages impact consumers’ decision to buy online:

Convenience: Based on a Nielsen research, 40 percent of online shoppers credit convenience as the main reason they shop on the Internet. In doing so, they save much time and effort, more so since online shopping can be done not only through laptops but also by using smartphones or tablets. Consumers can make purchases wherever they are and whenever they want, and without the hassle of going to malls or stores.

Cheaper alternative: There are various ways buyers can save money by accessing online retail sites or apps instead of going to the stores. For one, items and services online come at cheaper deals or better prices because the merchants can afford to offer items at a lower rate. Moreover, consumers will be beset with fewer expenses as there would be no more need to commute or drive to the store and fewer occurrences of impulse buying.
Wealth of information: The availability of information on the internet gives potential buyers better insight on whether to buy items they want or not. Price comparison among different merchants can be made more easily, and online reviews can help in the decision making.

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