Why it’s okay to shop now, pay later

When people are running on a tight budget, they think of ways that will let them spend without having to take out actual cash. Nowadays, a lot of companies offer shop now, pay later schemes that allow consumers to buy products with staggered payment methods. But when should people choose to make these kinds of purchases? And are these always safe?

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For those who have the money to do repayments, such scheme can be a good option. Especially when buying gadgets, appliances, or furniture, opting for staggered payment would be a good move since they’ll be using these kinds of products for a longer period. But for those who do not have the budget for such purchases, committing to a long-term payment scheme may be harmful to their credit score.

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To avoid problems in the future, it is important that the consumer read the payment conditions carefully before accepting the agreement. Among the things that consumers need to take note of are the amount payable, interest (if any), and payment conditions (over the counter, deductibles, etc.) Customers should also be careful about late fees, as these might set them up for a penalty that will have them pay more instead of less.

Shop now, pay later schemes actually work, but customers need to perform due diligence before checking out their purchased goods.

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