The Advantages Of Buying Luxury Brands

The growth of the global luxury market may have slowed down a bit the past couple years, but the demand for luxury brands is still increasing. The market has expanded well beyond North America and Western Europe since the turn of the decade.Currently, the two largest luxury markets are China and Japan – and the Middle East market is not far behind.


While there are consumers who believe that purchasing or investing in luxury brands is a manifestation of extravagance, it does provide various advantages, including the following:


One of the most known benefits of consuming luxury brands is its invaluable contribution to the economy. It is a major source of income for the government because the additional taxes (such as luxury or excise tax) levied on luxury goods are generally higher than the taxes imposed on regular items. Furthermore, the production and subsequent sale of these items help a nation’s GDP (gross domestic product) and create employment opportunities for a number of people.

Sense of accomplishment

Every once in a while, an individual will look to reward himself for all his hard work resulting in financial success. Luxury goods have proven a pleasant incentive, because it satisfies desires and carries a much higher price than other products.



In Western culture, consumers generally attach less psychological meaning to luxury goods. This is evidenced by the fact that the brands that offer these products are available almost everywhere. The culture is different in Asian countries. For example, in India, luxury brands are a manifestation of social status, wealth, and prestige. Meanwhile, in Indonesia, consumers seek an enhancement of themselves when they purchase from high-end lines.

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A Guide To Spotting Counterfeit Products

Online shopping is a convenient way to purchase merchandise. With the many stores opening their doors today, consumers can become overwhelmed with the sheer amount of products on offer. It is also increasingly difficult to determine the authenticity of origin and material of these products. There are a few tips that will help sort out the bad eggs in retail:

Too good to be true? It probably is: This is a popular saying that holds true today. Buyers are encouraged to listen to their gut. If the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. There are some online stores that are unscrupulous and are merely out for a quick buck. In their haste to fool, they usually give incredible deals. Consumers should always be cautious about these incentives. One great tip is to look for customer feedback. Clients can also look at the store’s return policies; usually stores that offer counterfeit products do not have such policy.

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Look at the packaging: Consider returning the item if it comes with suspect packaging. For instance, a genuine leather handbag’s handle should not have a plastic covering. Do not be ashamed to ask for a return if there seems to be something wrong. Reputable online stores understand their customer’s fears and would immediately replace the item.

Check where the item comes from: Be wary of items that come from countries or places known for counterfeit goods. This is especially true for electronic gadgets. This is not meant to deter anyone from buying from these countries; but a caution to be more mindful when buying items made from there.

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In general, these tips are not needed when buying from a trusted and exclusive online shop. Nevertheless, it is always better to be informed.

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Why it’s okay to shop now, pay later

When people are running on a tight budget, they think of ways that will let them spend without having to take out actual cash. Nowadays, a lot of companies offer shop now, pay later schemes that allow consumers to buy products with staggered payment methods. But when should people choose to make these kinds of purchases? And are these always safe?

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For those who have the money to do repayments, such scheme can be a good option. Especially when buying gadgets, appliances, or furniture, opting for staggered payment would be a good move since they’ll be using these kinds of products for a longer period. But for those who do not have the budget for such purchases, committing to a long-term payment scheme may be harmful to their credit score.

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To avoid problems in the future, it is important that the consumer read the payment conditions carefully before accepting the agreement. Among the things that consumers need to take note of are the amount payable, interest (if any), and payment conditions (over the counter, deductibles, etc.) Customers should also be careful about late fees, as these might set them up for a penalty that will have them pay more instead of less.

Shop now, pay later schemes actually work, but customers need to perform due diligence before checking out their purchased goods.

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